Why wait in line when Corner Drug can do the work for you? We deliver prescriptions (and anything else we carry!) to your home or business in Woodland for only $1. Deliveries can also be made to Davis for an additional charge. Call today to get started!

an image of the Corner Drug delivery car, a small beige colored Smart Car
The Corner Drug delivery car

Compliance Packaging

If you or someone you know struggles to keep track of when to take your medication, we offer simple to use packaging that can be separated by the day. Call us at (530) 662-2813 for more information on this valuable service.

a close-up image of some blister packs of pills
Corner Drug’s easy to use Compliance Packaging

Online Refills

Fill your prescriptions easily on our website and receive a phone call or text message when they are ready for pickup.

an image of a Corner Drug Co. employee in a red smock writing on a medicine bottle with a Sharpie pen.
Get prescriptions refilled online at Corner Drug Co.